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Children of Mindanao promotes these key areas:


It is difficult to attain many of the Sustainable Development Goals, if we do not give peace a chance. In Mindanao, certain parts of the region have been more frequently exposed to various wars. Such instability contributes to the disruption of order and development in the area. Thus, to attain many of the sustainable development goals, we need to have sustainable peace.

Notably, in June 2017 in Brussels, Children of Mindanao’s Founder was part of the EDD Panel entitled: “To Achieve Agenda 2030, Give Peace a Chance”.

Girls Empowerment

Oftentimes, girls and women become more vulnerable to harm and deprivation of rights in situations of war and abject poverty. Thus, Children of Mindanao gives special focus to the inclusion of girls in learning environments. We recognize that in peace-building efforts, girls and women also play a vital role in their communities for promoting resilience and overall community development.

Together with UN Women, AFD and International Alert, Children of Mindanao’s Founder prepared and moderated a session in relation to this topic, entitled: Reaching out to Women in Fragility Contexts: Why and How?”


Undoubtedly, education is crucial towards empowerment of individuals and communities. Children of Mindanao particularly reaches out to children from minority and/or conflict-prone regions to ensure that they too are able to access education better.


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Building Libraries (Rebuilding in 2018)
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Distribution of School Bags and Materials
Talks / Workshops on Peace, Girls Empowerment, Youth Engagement, and Education among others


Storybook Collection